Tutorial Health Risk Assessment Cordoba * Free SPSS Learning & Information

Tutorial Health Risk Assessment Cordoba

Please read following Notes and Guideline for this tutorial

  1. Refer NOTES: TOPIK 13-KPPP 2113 penilaian kualitatif dan risiko
  2. Read the guideline: CLICK HERE
  3. Read the SLIDE of the GUIDELINE: CLICK HERE
  4. Understand the flow/ process of HOW to Conduct
  5. Choose One Example of Chemical Use by workers in general (can be use KSKB as example)
  6. Each student ONE SPECIFIC chemical (No Duplication/ similarity)
  7. Understand the chemical Hazards and Exposure
  8. Estimates Risk and Complete the Form (as stated by guideline)
  9. Fill up the form A-D (refer appendix)
  10. ICOP Chemical Classification (IMPORTANT REFERENCES)

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