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Free SPSS Online Training


This SPSS data analysis course was created for one reason, which is to help anyone without statistics or mathematics background to analyze data in SPSS, choose the right descriptive and inferential statistic and write properly for the dissertation purposes. This course is very easy to understand because we create a system for you to study within online media. This is free data analysis SPSS online learning classes course for research beginners.


The course covers everything from entering data into SPSS, compute, recode and transformation until the interpreting of the result and offer an easy step-by-step guide to mastering descriptive statistics in SPSS. We begin our discussion about the statistical review and the concept of the data analysis. The data collection process using Google Drive for online data collection. We explore the SPSS interface, how to work the system and avoid some of the mistakes people make when choosing variable types and format in SPSS. After that, we will dive into entering data into SPSS, sorting, editing and removing data, and most importantly how to transform any variable into a new variable with recoding functions.

We are focusing on below analysis but not limited to:

  1. Data collection using MS Excel through online platform
  2. Descriptive statistic
  3. Measurement of Central Tendency
  4. Measurement of dispersion
  5. Differences test
  6. Correlation test
  7. Association test
  8. Procedure in writing up result in thesis write up.



You will learn all this and so much more inside this online platform. If you interested to visit our online learning platform, kindly CLICK HERE to visit our page. I also attach the video of showing you the environment of this online module so that you will understand the flow of course. To understand more about our course, please have a look description video of this online course.



To join and get enrolled in this virtual learning environment, you just need to register in our online platform. You are entitled to get access to this online module for FREE* and you can continue to subscribe if you interested to use material inside this module. We look forward to having you on board this module. Please share to your friends.

*note: All interested subscribers entitled to be enrolled the online course for 1 WEEK for FREE. Paid subscriber will have access up to 6 months.


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