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SPSS Data Analysis Online Training

SPSS Data Analysis Online Training

SPSS Data Analysis Online Training (SDAOT) is an online program (tutorial approach) aimed to help postgraduate and professionals in the quick overview and rapid training about data analysis technique, to achieve your research and analytical objectives. This program was designed in two way communication where the instructor will help the learners understand the fundamental of the statistical data analysis in a quick and efficient way. The training, equipped with the recorded version (where the participants will able to view and reply to any guide shared during the online training.

In addition, this training will be conducted via the Learning Management System (LMS) which enable all the learners to conduct their self-reading for free comprehensive online SPSS training module. To postgraduate and all professional who interested to learn about SPSS data analysis, you are welcome to join us in this online training. The fees for this event will be RM30 for more than 2 hours of training. This event will be conducted with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 20. If the number of participants did not reach our threshold, the training management will postpone and forward your booked date, into another suitable date.

The content of this Online Training Include (but not limited to):

  1. Descriptive statistics (including normality, dispersion and exploratory data analysis)
  2. Inferential statistics differences test (t-test, ANOVA and non – parametric test)
  3. Inferential statistics for correlation test (Pearson and Spearman)
  4. Regression analysis (Linear)
  5. Regression analysis (Logistic)

What you get after attending this SPSS Online Training (SDAOT):

  1. Recorded online tutorial
  2. LMS Membership (For 6 month)
  3. Free SPSS Workshop for Data Analysis (Recorded Version – 2019/2020)
  4. Free Consultation (during webinar/ upcoming webinar)
  5. Electronic Certificate (E-Certificate) with QR Code Verification System
  6. Registered SME HRDF Trainer (As Speaker/ Instructor)

Your registration will be informed/ acknowledge around 16 hours after your payment was confirmed from our account department. Online payment will be encouraged to speed up the registration process. If you are an international participant (beside Malaysian), please ensure your payment made through PAYPAL.

If you are interested to join our SPSS Data Analysis Online Training, kindly fill-up the form below and choose your date. Please contact us for more details at HERE