reason use SPSS student educational software for data analysis

5 reason why you should use SPSS: perspective of student educational software

5 reason that blows your mind why you should use SPSS: the perspective of student educational software

SPSS is IBM software which considers one of the important analytical software in the decision-making process. There is numerous analytical software use such as STATA, SAS, EXCEL, and other data mining software. Let us explore 5 reasons why you should use SPSS in data analysis of your study. We are going to discuss this point according to our professional research conduct in medical and health science field. Please subscribe to our blog to discuss more this topic.

Firstly the import, manipulation and multiple format database set up. Yes, SPSS is a very handy tool to save your time for data analysis. With simple import and export button, you can have your data set ready on your PC, to begin with, analysis. The capability of copy and paste the data from MS Excel make it more user-friendly and very efficient. Usually, based on my experiences, I will key in the data from Google Drive platform, extract, download and copy everything in SPSS in just 1-2 minutes. This is we are talking about 1000 and more data.

Secondly, the SPSS have SYNTAX. I love this application. I can analyze data over and over again by clicking on the formula that will calculate the same algorithm for repeated measures in data analysis. So cool, you can conduct any data analysis with different data set by combining it together, setting up and run simultaneously. So easy and usually the analysis will take more than 30 minutes can be reduced to 5 minutes. You got the same variable to test with but want to easily manipulate it, use the SYNTAX.

Thirdly, the SPSS software has good COMMUNICATION. What is this? The SPSS enable consultant like myself and another statistician to communicate easily about complex data analysis. In the end, when you performing data analysis, you want your objectives to be achieved, this can be done using a simple variable management, attribute setting, and data manipulation. I have professional experience in using other software, but some of it usually have the complex way to identify the variables, setting up the data for analysis and so on.

Fourthly, FORMULA. In my online courses, you will learn a lot of statistic formula to solve data analysis issues in the epidemiological study. By using the SPSS, the algorithms for computing the mean, the variance and all statistical measured can be trusted, because of the formula sets by the expert. You can test to measure the difference means (t-test) using a different kind of software, but trust me, one of the BEST software that easily can give you hint for reject or fail to reject your null hypothesis will be the SPSS.

And lastly, SPSS give you freedom in using simple ENGLISH rather than the coding like coded analytical software. That’s mean, you are going to use the number and simple word in your data analysis. Example, when you coding the gender (male and female), you are going to use the 1 coded as male, and 2 coded as female. By using this method, you are simplifying your effort to analyze the data for the simple descriptive and further can focus on complex analysis such as differences test or correlation. SPSS will able to tackle this issues and again, help you to save your precious time.

There are lots of benefit of using SPSS in data analysis, however, other software which I am going to discuss in the future also have their strengths and weaknesses. Please be informed that SPSS is licensed product and can only be used for the educational software for a limited period of time as a trial version. If you looking forward to having one original product of SPSS you may contact local suppliers for more details. If you want to use the similar interface like SPSS but cost less money and can be used for almost same capabilities. Please subscribe to our blog, I will share ideas, about other analytical software that can offer you more analysis that you can ever imagine, what is that? Wait and subscribe.

Ok, that’s all for today sharing about SPSS student educational software, hope its benefit to you guys. If you looking for research consultant and data analyst for your thesis write up, please do write us by filling up below form. Thanks for your support.

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