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5 Secret Tools Everyone in the Educational Technology Industry and Online College Classes Should Be Using For Creating Online Exam and Test: Free Online Method

5 Secret Using Google Drive To Make Online Assessment/ Quizzes in Classroom like OMR


Why do we need to online our quiz? Why we use OMR? What is OMR? OMR is Optical Marker Recognition. You probably exposed to this during your school age when teachers using a sheet of paper that requires you to highlight it using a 2B pencil. Then teachers are going to collect your paper and sent the paper into the machine and thus produce a result of your quiz or exams. In summary, all of this steps we do it offline and using manual handling.

Do we need to continue this? Yes and No.. Why is that? Because in the digital age, time is money. Yes, teacher, time is money, you need to focus on your content of teaching and making your learning funs, easy and efficient. Ok teachers, listen, now you may want to ask me a question, how are going to use the internet (google/ or other apps) as a machine in your classroom. Therefore, this article is going to discuss 5 Secret Tools Everyone in the Educational Technology Industry and Online College Classes Should Be Using For Creating Online Exam and Test: Free Online Method

Before we go further let’s look into an example for the minimum requirement needed for you to run online method in your classroom. First, you need internet access. This thing should be not a big problem because most of our students using a smartphone equipped with the internet line or connection. Secondly, the question or activities including learning protocol, standard and notes that you prepare for your students. And last but not list KNOWLEDGE. You have to have sufficient knowledge to manipulate the existing system online to ensure you can be simplified your duty and thus helping the management for improvement.

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Let’s focus on our primary topic. Today I am going to share with you the secrete behind the Google Drive and their story that you can be utilized for free to make an online quiz in your classroom virtually. Yes, free, remember, the quiz is part of the assessment of the students, we need this to measure how well our students understand our content of teaching and learning. The 5 secrete that I am going to share will be discussed as an open forum for everybody to benefit most of the teachers outside there to use educational technology in your class.

  1. Google drive
  2. Google forms
  3. URL Shortener
  4. Google Sheets
  5. Flubaroo

Google Drive

Have you been using the google drive like crazy for your classroom activities, if you answered no, then please share this idea? Google drive is a virtual platform for you to develop online quiz, assessment and else in teaching and learning in schools. Google drive is a virtual composition given by Google for free to you after you registered any google email. It seems free in the beginning, but after a period of time, you probably have to purchase some additional space for your virtual library or platform. As you know, the standard of 15GB given to you and you can be used it until maximize, but of your account seems to get full of something, please prescribe google space. Price wise I think it’s not expensive because they (Google) very good price to enable you to utilize so many things in your classroom.

online free examination quiz optical marker recognition assessment educational software

Looking for Google Drive

Google Forms

Secondly, the google forms. When I was being taught about this form, I am very skeptical and feel annoying when a person giving me a long link to complete their online questionnaire. After sometimes, then I realize, the benefit of using this platform for your research, examination and even a technical evaluation can use this services. It’s a simple add-on come automatically to your registered email account. How to use this can be explained in below example.

Malay Subtitle Video 1


online free examination quiz free optical marker recognition assessment

How to obtained your Google Forms Application



URL Shortener

Third, secrete that I am going to share with you how you can easily making online Virtual OMR for your classroom is using the URL Shorten. Why we need this? The idea was simple. Because you want your students or respondent answering their responses and answer on a mobile devices or tablet. After producing the form or OMR using your Google Form, you can preview and share the preview link. However, in this application, we may need them to simply type the link and the similar page of the form will come out for further use. To ensure that their form is similar and the students do not have to click the long link, URL shortening can help to minimize the long link become a  small link. This example of URL shortening was so easy and have many benefits such as you can manage and trace your link. You can share the link via QR code and you can customize the link. Yes, you can customize the link. That’s why I love it.


Malay Subtitle Video 2


educational software free online assessment quizzes using google drive

URL Shortening

Google Sheets

The next secret will be the Google Sheets. This application was so good similar capabilities like MS Excel. By using the Google Sheet, you are able to manipulate data, conduct analytical analysis and other transformation of data and data analysis like MS Excel. However, for our focus, I am going to discuss this based on the fact that the Google Forms will generate data inside the Google Sheets for further manipulation and data analysis for our students’ quiz or exam result. After using the Google Forms for the virtual OMR in our classroom or lecture hall, we can then download or analyze the data of the students easily using numbers of Add-ons. This will speed up the grading process as we speak.


online free examination quiz free optical marker recognition assessment

How to get your Add-on


online free examination quiz free optical marker recognition assessment

How to get the Add-ons on Google Drive



The last secret for now, that I am going to share with you all is the Flubaroo Add-ons. What is this thing? Flubaroo is an add-on to help teachers analyze their students’ grade using a simple algorithm. This add-ons available online and can be installed directly from the Google Add-on. You can activate this by installing it first in your Google Drive account and further enable this Add-ons when you want to start for analysis of your Virtual OMR for grading your students. Follow the video below to get the ideas about this steps.


Malay Subtitle Video 3


online free examination quiz free optical marker recognition assessment

Flubaroo enabling tool


online free examination quiz free optical marker recognition assessment

Flubaroo Graded Assessment Tool

After you finish your creation of the Virtual OMR, you can further use the result to analyze your question by looking their quality of a question. This can be done by further discussion in next article. Hope you enjoy this sharing session. You can further look into this step and ideas by following us on our website and follow us on youtube. To replay overview of complete videos, please refer to the playlist.

We hope this sharing will benefit you all and therefore, we encourage your comment and action to share this article to your friend, management and anyone who interested to conduct an online test that is cheap, easy and powerful in term of the analysis. Next episode, we will discuss four (4) important indices that you need to know for your question generation. If you plan to develop multiple choice question, please beware of 4 important indices to be measured to identify the quality of your question ask the students.

For our friends that need help on the translation, you can directly download the subtitle (Malay Language) and embed in your videos using the VLC Player or suitable player. Happy watching, learning and apply this in your life. If you want to learn it from videos, please visit our article.

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