indoor air quality investigation using google drive for environment research

How to investigate Indoor Air Quality Issues in Workplace Using Free Approach

Indoor air quality investigation using google drive for environment research

Sick building syndrome was one of the major problems related to the exposure to the indoor air pollutants. One of the ideas to identify these issues was performing the investigation of the occupants’ responses towards the issues. Recently, a study suggests that the sick building can be identified by the collection of symptoms exist and reported by the occupants stay in the indoor environment.

How did you want to investigate? Is the problem serious? What is the simplest way to do it? This article will be sharing with you the mechanism and ideas on how to investigate the indoor air quality problems through occupants responses. First, all you need is the look through the example is given to this link.

By looking into this link, you already know the ideas of the complaint collection from the occupants. Then all you need is the investigation protocol. To do this all you need is a simple understanding of the epidemiological study previously discuss by Syazwan et al., 2013.

Computational data from MS Excel in Google Drive

The ideas were to compute the score of the responses from the occupants and using the specific template and identify the possible numbers of the occupants that score high and categorize this group. If the occupants generally complaint more than 60% of the symptoms exist, then the building was problematic and rectification needed.

The score actually divided into two different section namely:

  1. Sick building syndrome symptoms (Health issues) [SBS]
  2. Perceived indoor environment symptoms (Thermal Comfort) [PIES]

The score was coded into simple algorithm meaning, where the item you tick as No, Never will be coded as “0” – zero; the answer of Yes, Sometimes will be coded as “1” – one; and the answer of Yes, Often will be coded as “2” – two. By combining this score, the total score of SBS and PIES can be established.

After the computational element was done, you must translate into grouping this evidence into categorical meaning. You can establish that using the software and further compute the levels of occupants that impacted by the indoor environment. You can download the sample of the template and compute the element of data produced in your data collection. The instruction of manipulation of data can further discuss.

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