Index of Learning Style Questionnaire Soloman and Felder SPSS Syntax

Index of Learning Style Questionnaire SPSS Syntax Data Analysis Felder and Soloman

Index of Learning Style Questionnaire Soloman and Felder in SPSS Syntax Data Analysis

This post, I am going to share the idea of data analysis using the Syntax SPSS for calculating and determine Index Learning Style Questionnaire that already develop by Soloman and Felder. This article, will help you determine and set your SPSS file and thus analyze your respondents i simpler manner. This questionnaire comprises of 42 questions and will able to give an idea on what is the preferred learning style that you or your respondent behave. This method, helps you as educator or researcher understanding your learners needs and approaches. To begin with, all the data collected using the questionnaire and already digitalize using the Google Form.

After the collection of data, the raw data gathered from Google Sheets, will be transported into SPSS, for recoding mechanism and the algorithm running. The use of algorithm can be retrieve here.

To help you visualize the technique, we are going to share using the VIDEO. Happy learning

After completing the settings of your data and input, you may want to start analyse using syntax provided. Please ask for more details in term of syntax. Contact US

The use of syntax HOWEVER, need to be supported by MS Excel, in Final Approach, where the MANUAL/ FINAL CLASSIFICATION NEEDED, if the algorithm was SIMILAR, due to strong relationship between unidentify PURE learning style.

Second video will help you identify the Learners style using the complex algorithm under SPSS.

With this sharing, we hope that all of you will get the idea of Analyzing in simpler format using SPSS Syntax.