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How to use t-test using SPSS

Is class A different than class B in time spend for the library services.

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Today I am going to share an idea about how to run t-test specifically independent sample t-test for your research. Do you know how to run the protocol? I am going to share with you some of the ideas to ensure that you understand their purposes and the function. What is t-test?

The t-test is an inferential statistic procedure aim to investigate the differences between 2 independent group. When we said 2 groups, that means, two only. If you want to know the differences between one dependent variable that is numerical data/ interval ratio scale with the two independent groups, the t-test is the test that you required.

Let us look at the example below. We have 2 classrooms in our school, a total of 24 and 25 students respectively. As a teacher, we already conduct a specific test to measure their spending time in the library in our school. Then we want to know, is there any difference between time spent¬†on the library services that we provide. Why do we want to know anyway? Of course, because we want to investigate is the usage influenced by the type of class, the type of gender or perhaps is the motivational approach¬†towards utilizing the library services. As an example, the class is A (Class A) and B (Class B). Student stays in class A and B were independent of each other. Let’s assume the Class A consist of good academic students while B is moderate-high performing students.

What do we need to do now? Then, the answer to this question will be an independent sample t-test. By measuring this component between two class, then we know already, is there any difference or not. If the differences exist, that means, the classroom play important factors influence this differences (maybe because of their awareness, their needs, their critical element that influence them in percept differently amongst them in a different class). By understanding this situation, we already can prove to the management that the A students for example in class A have better utilized the library as compared to B students in class B, for instance.

Let’s enjoy the example of the analysis using t-test. Please share.


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