Hi world, How to create make website cheap monetize free tutorial online one day

I am going to share my professional experience in creating a website. It’s easier than I can think of before.  As you know, the website has many usages especially to being a platform for you to share your information with your client, sharing ideas, product explanation and even an e-commerce platform for online buyer.

Did you know that you can spend less than USD50 to create a website? The question will be how you are going to start? Ok, I am going to share the ideas in summary of the ideas below. If you interested, please do contact me to show your support.

Steps in creating website

  1. Prepare your content (all of it, you can write it somewhere, even you have a book also, you can be simplified to make it as your website content)
  2. Strategize your audience and prospect
  3. Think about your domain name
  4. Buy the domain, hosting and set up your account
  5. Organize your website as you wish
  6. Then manage your website and plan your journey for the monetization model.

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