Covid 19 Malaysia

Covid 19 Malaysia

Covid 19 Malaysia and their impact

Let’s learn about the epidemiology and statistics of Covid 19. This post, will help you understand the disease spread and how its impact to the Malaysian healthcare system, economy and other social factors due to the exposure of this infectious disease. Before we begin, let us understand what is covid 19? Covid 19 is a name of infectious disease carried by coronavirus that impact the respiratory health.

Covid 19 in Malaysia, come from the virus exposure. The origin of the virus was not clear, some scientist suggest this virus come from the bat population that having enzootic or epizootic (pandemic) among animal in the wildlife. The origin of this virus was reported in Wuhan, China. Since December 2019, WHO already take concern on the new viruses that may impact the world. In March 2020, its official that the covid-19 already become pandemic when the virus spread through out the world.

Concern of this virus include the impact towards the lung by making the gases exchange in the lung decrease, this was due to the severe damage and inflammation that taking place by the immune system fight against the virus. In March 2020, Malaysian government launch official lockdown to protect the public from the exposure of this virus.

The virus spread are overwhelm when the public which carry the virus not yet showing any clinical symptoms, this bring the virus spread can reach until 5 generations when its first get contact to the humans. Based on the fact that the data is crucial, Kajidataonline took an effort to establish a series of mathematical modelling using the available data and reported cases available by Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Based on the data gathered, series of data analysis conducted. We hope that you can share this knowledge to your friend and family. Happy Learning. If you need help in data analysis, contact us now.


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Firstly, let us explore the current cases and data behaviour.

Let explore the infectious disease in mathematical model of covid 19 Malaysia

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Geospatial epidemiology of disease spread (pandemic of covid 19)

Creation animated SIR Model using geogebra

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