cara analisa deskriptif dan inferensi penyelidikan kesihatan persekitaran

Analisa Data Deskriptif Dan Inferensi Dalam Penyelidikan Kesihatan Persekitaran Dan Kesihatan Umum (Part II)

Using descriptive and inferential statistics in epidemiological study and environmental health

This article will be sharing the ideas about data analysis in research methodology. This includes the statistical analysis of descriptive and analytical approach. Video also covers about the inferential statistics. The inferential statistic involves in the differences test and correlation test.

Please refer to the below videos to learn about the descriptive and inferential statistic in an environmental health study. The content includes:

  1. Explain the descriptive statistic
  2. Explain the inferential statistics
  3. Application of the descriptive statistic
  4. ApplicationĀ  of the inferential statistics

Cara Analisa Deskriptif Dan Inferensi Penyelidikan Kesihatan Persekitaran

Video explains on the statistical approach descriptive and inferential statistics


This video explains the deeper part of the hypothesis testing in research methodology. The data analysis discusses in the term of normal or non-normal tabulated data in research data collections. Example of the question to understand this topic can be found below.


Question 2

  1. Explain the one example of the independent sample t-test usage in environmental health data
  2. Explain your answer in (i) using hypothesis testing steps
  3. Discuss the importance of data analysis in environmental health field using inferential statistics
  4. Explain the univariate and bivariate analysis and their usage


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