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Exam ADOC Mac 2019


This is computer exam application. The total marks for this data analysis exam will be 100 marks and will be converted into 10%. Submission of the Answer MUST be made available according to the due date given in the thesis format write up. You are required to answer ALL questions given below using appropriate data analysis and computer skills.

Title of Study:

Cross-sectional study of demographic factors influencing knowledge associated with handling of cytotoxic anticancer drugs (CD) among nurses in Gachon Medical School, Incheon, South Korea.


A study was conducted to determine the selected objective. The title of the study can be found below. The study was conducted among health science professional (nurses/ allied health). The idea of the study analysis describe in section 3. THE QUESTION OF THE ANALYSIS REQUIRED FOR THIS EXAMINATION SUGGEST IN SECTION 4. ALL ANSWERS MUST be written using THESIS FORMAT data tabulation (standard table for thesis write up).

Section 1:

Title: Cross-sectional study of demographic factors influencing knowledge associated with handling of cytotoxic anticancer drugs (CD) among allied health professional in Gachon Medical School, Incheon, South Korea.


Section 2:

Objective of the study

  1. Study the demographic of respondents
  2. To compare the level of knowledge on handling of cytotoxic drug among nurses in different demographic factors
  3. To study the correlation and association of the level of knowledge with the different demographic factors among respondents


Section 3:

Level of knowledge are being compute using formula

  1. Total marks of the knowledge calculated as follows (SUM of All correct answer B1 until B30). However, the correct answer for the section B MUST be change according to the correct answer “recode negative question”
  2. There are 10 items that need to be recode (elements of negative questions/ to correct the answer from respondents responses). Variables that need to be recode due to negative questions are B1, B2, B3, B11, B12, B13, B21, B22, B23, B30
  3. All of the variables which contain negative answer MUST be converted into following arrangement, any answer marks as 1 will be recode as 0 and all the 0 will be recorded as 1
  4. Total score of knowledge among respondents can be calculated as follows:

Total of all item B1 until B30. Please CONSIDER to use the RECORDED item as indicate in Section B and C of this instructions

  1. Level of knowledge divided into 2 groups namely
    1. High level = More than 15.01 (Put name group 1) – RENAME as High
    2. Low level = Less than 15.00 (Put name group 2) – RENAME as Low
  2. Income divided into 3 groups namely:
    1. High = More than 4000.01
    2. Moderate = Between 2300.01 – 4000
    3. Low = Less than 2300
  3. Age divided into 2 different groups
    1. > 30 = More than 30.01 years
    2. < 30 = Less than 30 years


Section 4:

  1. Determine and report all demographic data for the responses from respondent (non metric data)
  2. Determine and report all demographic factors for MCT and MD (numeric data)
  3. Determine the normality of data as indicate and justify your status (data normal or not)
  4. Determine the level of knowledge for overall (run overall data)
  5. Determine the level of knowledge for comparing between demographic factors including the numerical factors (profession, gender, level of education, formal education, age, salary, and maritial status). Using the information and hint given in Section 3.
  6. Determine the correlation between level of knowledge and the numerical factors (numeric data with interval/ ratio data)
  7. Determine the association between the level of knowledge (High / Low) with the nominal factors. HINT = Consider only the result shown with significant different in Section 4.E
  8. Determine the reliability of the instrument for Item B1 untul B30
  9. Report your findings using thesis format write up


Hint: Please determine your normality of data first before using the appropriate statistical test. Please ensure all your write up was managed using 5 steps of hypothesis testing.




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