Online Learning and Assessment Course

Are you educators, lecturer, and teacher? Did you find your class boring?

We have the ideas to help you interact with your students effectively. There are so many platforms available for you in the market as such Edmodo, Moodle, Kahoot and many more.


Edmodo is one of the best platforms for teachers to interact with their students. You can help your students explore more learning experience using this platform. We will guide you. Using Edmodo, require you to control the learning environment and assessment to test the understanding of your students. With the increasing numbers of the educators who use this module, it creates sufficient content for educators to share their learning experience with others and with the parents.


This integrated Learning Management System allows you to create, manage and execute complex classroom within your hands. You will be exposed to the technical skills behind this module for your class.

Google Drive

Some of us might think that this is just a simple storage facilities, actually, you can go beyond with your Google Drive to enhance the quality of your assessment package that you test periodically on your students. We have the ideas.

Website/ Blog

Are you aware that this method can help you maintain your connection with your students. We will teach and discuss with you, the benefit of this platform for your online learning tools.