ujian hipotesis bagi analisa data kuantitatif penyelidikan kesihatan awam

Analisa Data Menggunakan Ujian Hipotesis Dalam Penyelidikan Kesihatan Awam (Part IV)

How To Run Hypothesis Testing For Epidemiological Research And Environmental Health Studies

This article will discuss the Analysis of Data using hypothesis testing. You can learn more about this test using 5 important steps as discussed before in the example of an independent sample t-test. This video explains to you the basic ideas of the hypothesis testing for differences test and correlation test. You can refer to the previous example for the chi-square analysis which being explained in here.

Video explains in below video can be summarized as follows:

  1. Understanding the hypothesis test for differences and correlation
  2. Understanding 5 hypothesis test steps
  3. Discuss the interpretation of the hypothesis testing
  4. Error that should be considered for hypothesis testing

Ujian Hipotesis Bagi Analisa Data Kuantitatif Penyelidikan Kesihatan Awam

Video explains the technical aspect of the hypothesis testing for epidemiological research


You can further view the example of the data analysis and steps using Chi-Square as follows. Example fo the questions that can be practiced for understanding this topic can be found as follows.

Question 4

  1. Describe the hypothesis testing steps
  2. According to the data given, please make interpretation for reject or fail to reject your hypothesis
  3. Based on your observation and answer in (iii), discuss your reason in a scientific manner
  4. If the standard deviation of the data is XXX, justify whether both groups test in those sample in population received significant control of the hazard control.


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