Popular Buy Hot Wheels Toy Cars at Best Prices in Malaysia

Popular Buy Hot Wheels Toy Cars at Best Prices in Malaysia

Popular Buy Hot Wheels Toy Cars at Best Prices in Malaysia

Looking for Hot Wheels Toy Cars. Please have look below list. You can order (limited stock). Popular Buy Hot Wheels Toy Cars at Best Prices in Malaysia. You can choose the ideal cars for your collections. The car is an original and new condition. The price stated in the picture did not include the courier charges. You can negotiate if you intend to buy more than three (3) models. We have lots of models that you can have it, just let us know, and we are happy to help. We will arrange the postage using special delivery around 1-2 days from the date of payment made. If you interested in our models, leave your message and we will get back to you. LINK

Hurry Up, while stock last.

No.1 Model Picture Price (MYR) Status
1. Fast & Furious Series 100.00 Available
2. Ford Mustang GT Convertible 25.00 Available
3. Porshe 917 LH 20.00 Available
4. Pre-loved item From 10.00 Available

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Why we children need toys:

The Many Benefits of Play
Playing toys is benefited for children for their learning skills in:

  • learn to communicate with others
  • encourage the motor skills
  • develop thinking skills

In addition, play encourages independence, self-esteem, creativity, and gets their energy out! It gives children much needed “down time” and functions as a stress reliever.

Laughter, the best medicine
Just think about, when is the last day you laugh, perhaps a few days or month. Playing using toys help to relieve the mood and improve the psychological condition of the children. They can increase their focus in school later on after having sufficient good mood develop when play.

Value of group play
While playing, parents are encouraged to make it like a team playing. This encourages the confidence of the children to communicate and sharing their belonging to others. This approach helps to simulate the real-life learning that positively benefits their life.

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