cara ketahui normaliti data pengukuran kecenderungan memusat serakan

Cara Mengetahui Taburan Normal Penyelidikan Sains Kesihatan (Part III)

How to conduct normality test and using statistic for research in epidemiology and environmental health field

In this episode, we are going to discuss the normality assessment in data analysis procedure in research. This article also discusses the measurement of central tendencies and measurement of dispersion. This video attached also discuss the usage of the variance, standard deviation and their application in the application of research methodology for environmental health research. You also will be exposed to the profile analysis, factor analysis and also the related analysis in epidemiological research.

Summary of the topics and item discuss within the video can be described as follows:

  1. Normality data assessment of the epidemiological application
  2. Understanding of measurement of central tendencies
  3. Understanding of the measurement of dispersion in analysis
  4. Transformation of the data
  5. Understanding of the data tabulation using class number and according to the class

Cara Ketahui Normaliti Data Pengukuran Kecenderungan Memusat Serakan

Video explaining about the normality test and descriptive statistic using MCT and MD


The example of the question that needs further understanding of the topics can be found below:

Question 3

  1. Describe the characteristic of the normal data tabulation using graphical and statistical approaches
  2. How to tabulate data using the cumulative percentage and ogif approach
  3. Describe the MCT and MD for the data given
  4. Type of data for the questionnaire using Likert Scale


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