cara analisa khi kuasa dua menggunakan spss ujian hipotesis

How To Run Chi Square Analysis Using SPSS (Part V)

How To Run Chi-Square Using SPSS, Data Analysis For Hypothesis Testing Example And Interpretation

This article will be the end of the topic under the data analysis. This topic will cover the holistic discussion including the demonstration of the hypothesis test using Chi-Square. The Chi-Square analysis also already being shared in the previous article where you can further analyze and make a revision based on that. Chi-Square in general ideas can be divided into two approaches, for the analysis of the goodness of fit or testing for the independence. Please click here to read the previous article regarding Chi-Square.

The video below explains the ideas to calculate the differences test using chi-square test for measuring the tabulation of the female/male proportion of the students inside the classroom. Summary of the demonstration can be described as follows.

  1. How to use the SPSS for Chi-Square test
  2. How to make interpretation
  3. Discussion on the data analysis for hypothesis testing


Video explain about the data analysis using Chi-Square for testing the goodness of fit test


The ideas for the question related to the above chapter can be described as follows.

Question 5

  1. Explain the step in hypothesis testing for given data
  2. Discuss the conclusion of the result based on data given (reject/ fail to reject)
  3. Describe the appropriate statistical measures to achieve the specific objective of the study


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